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Concrete Repairs Ltd (CRL) was established in 1954 and has five regional offices in the UK and one in the Middle East. The company has a turnover of £30m and specialises in the inspection and repair of reinforced concrete buildings and structures.
CRL was one of the first companies in the UK to install cathodic protection for reinforced concrete in 1988 and has gone on to install many of the systems now in operation. The Company provides a comprehensive service for the design and installation of corrosion control systems for reinforced concrete and steel framed structures which includes
- Corrosion inhibitors
- Impressed current cathodic protection
- Galvanic cathodic protection
- Hybrid system cathodic protection
- Realkalisation and chloride extraction
The installation work is undertaken by our own skilled site operatives and we currently have 9 ICorr Level 1 Technicians and 6 ICorr Level 2 Technicians trained in accordance with BS EN 15257. We also have 6 staff who are Professional Members of the Institute of Corrosion.
The company is a founder member of the Corrosion Prevention Association and is an active member of the Association. John Drewett, Marketing Director, is a past Chairman of the Association and Andy Came, Operations Director, is a current member of the Technical Committee.