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Corrosion Engineering Solutions Ltd is an independent consultancy specialising in the remediation of buildings and civil structures affected by corrosion. We offer expert advice for the inspection and testing of structures and their materials in order to diagnose the likely cause of corrosion and determine its most appropriate remedy in accordance with our clients' requirements. As professional members of the Institute of Corrosion, our Senior Cathodic Protection Engineers, Certified to BS EN 15257 Level III, offer expert opinion, design and consultancy services for - Masonry Buildings Incorporating Structural Steel Frames, Atmospherically Exposed Reinforced Concrete, Buried and Immersed Steel Structures and Marine Metallic Structures. We have particular experience in the condition assessment and remediation of listed masonry facades and historic monuments incorporating structural steel frames. This includes the architecturally sympathetic designs of cathodic protection systems for the preservation of historic building facades. As Cathodic Protection experts we are able to provide design, specification, audits, monitoring and maintenance services as well as installation supervision and advice for the prevention of corrosion to new structures. A summary of the specialist services we offer, follows: Consultancy Services - Structure Condition Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation Studies, Water and Soil Corrosivity Studies, Concrete Testing and Analysis, Failure Investigations, CIPS and DCVG Surverys. Cathodic Protection Services - Cathodic Protection Design, Cathodic Protection Audits, Cathodic Protection System Monitoring, Cathodic Protection System Maintenance, Cathodic Protection Installation Supervision, Cathodic Prevention for New Structures. Corrosion and Durability Monitoring - Durability Monitoring Systems, Corrosion Rate Monitoring, System Selection and Specification. For further information on our activities and specific corrosion topics, please visit our website