Vector Corrosion Technologies, is the leading full-service supplier of corrosion mitigation products and services for reinforced concrete and masonry structures including bridges, car parks, general buildings, marine structures, masonry steel framed buildings and industrial facilities. Vectorís expertise has been developed from over 50 years of experience in delivering innovative solutions to its clients. Through an on-going focus on research and development, the company has received numerous patents and industry awards for innovation. The range of corrosion mitigation systems includes galvanic protection (Galvashield), impressed current cathodic protection (Ebonex), and electrochemical treatments such as chloride extraction and re-alkalisation (Norcure). They can offer tailored solutions for corrosion to post tensioned structures. Vector takes pride in providing technically advanced yet cost effective strategies for concrete structures subject to corrosion damage. Also, as evidenced by their Corporate Safety and Environmental Policies, the company is committed to a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.