ACPM provide innovative, sustainable corrosion management solutions, for the purpose of stopping and preventing corrosion related deterioration, of new and existing metallic and reinforced concrete structures.
At our core, we believe that we have a responsibility to manage our infrastructure in a sustainable way, which means: making what we have last as long as possible - using less of our non-renewable resources - the ability to recover and recycle as much of our structures at end of life.
To support our vision for a sustainable future, we have selected a number of specific, high-performance products which are capable of stopping and controlling corrosion related deterioration of our infrastructure. Our founders have a combined industry experience in excess of 50 years, in corrosion control, corrosion prevention and life extension design.
Through our partner organisations (SegCorr and CorrPre) we provide specific design and consultancy support, to assist our clients with the investigation, assessment, design, adoption and implementation of corrosion management solutions.
When used on existing deteriorating infrastructure, this technology is capable of providing a life extension to the asset, by halting and controlling corrosion related deterioration. When used on new structures or at design, this technology is capable of enhancing the natural material durability by preventing and controlling the onset of corrosion and associated deterioration.
"Adopting corrosion management technology into your infrastructure can help you to make it last, use less and recycle more at end of life, which supports a sustainable future." - Paul Segers