Date Title Document
01/Jan/2017 Reinforced Concrete: History, Properties and Durability Technical Note 1.pdf
31/Dec/2016 An Introduction to Electrochemical Rehabilitation Techniques Technical Note 2.pdf
30/Dec/2016 Cathodic protection of steel in concrete - the international perspective Technical Note 3 CP of Steel in Concrete.pdf
28/Dec/2016 Corrosion mechanisms - an introduction to aqueous corrosion Technical Note 5.pdf
27/Dec/2016 The Principles and Practice of Galvanic Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Structures Technical Note 6(1).pdf
26/Dec/2016 Cathodic protection of early steel framed buildings Technical Note 7.pdf
25/Dec/2016 Cathodic protection of steel in concrete - frequently asked questions Technical Note 8.pdf
24/Dec/2016 Electrochemical Realkalisation of Steel Reinforced Concrete - A State of the Art Report Technical Note 9.pdf
23/Dec/2016 Stray Current Technical Note 10.pdf
22/Dec/2016 Impressed Current Anodes for the Cathodic Protection of Atmospherically Exposed Technical Note 11.pdf
22/Dec/2016 Impressed Current Anodes for the Cathodic Protection of Atmospherically Exposed Reinforced Concrete Technical Note 11(1).pdf
21/Dec/2016 Budget Cost and Anode Performance Information For Impressed Current Cathodic Protection of Reinforce Technical Note 12.pdf
20/Dec/2016 Surface Preparation of Concrete prior to installation of anode materials Technical Note 13.pdf
19/Dec/2016 Corrosion Monitoring Technical Note 14.pdf
18/Dec/2016 CP Training and Certification Technical Note 15.pdf
17/Dec/2016 Corrosion Inhibitors Technical Note 16.pdf
16/Dec/2016 Monitoring CP Systems Technical Note 17(1).pdf
15/Dec/2016 Coating Concrete Technical Note 18.pdf
14/Dec/2016 Acceptable Electrical Resistivities of Concrete Repairs for Cathodic Protection Systems Technical Note 19.pdf
13/Dec/2016 Cathodic Protection for Masonry Buildings Incorporating Structural Steel Frames Technical Note 20.pdf
12/Dec/2016 Cathodic Protection of Prestressed Concrete Technical Note 21.pdf
11/Dec/2016 Cathodic Protection for Buried & Immersed Structures Technical Note 22.pdf
10/Dec/2016 Cathodic Protection for New Structures Technical Note 23.pdf
09/Dec/2016 Continuity and Shorts in Electrochemical Treatments Technical Note 25- Continuity and Shorts.pdf
08/Dec/2016 Corrosion Testing of Concrete Structures Technical Note 27.pdf
07/Dec/2016 A is for Anode Technical Note 28.pdf